Bringing Talent to the World
The company and its founder

The company buys and sells publishing and translation rights for the books and illustrations of the American and
Russian authors and artists. The company handled rights for the books of  American authors Ernest Hemingway,
Dale Carnegie, Howard Fast, Eric Berne, Deepak Chopra, Luisa Hay,  Shirlee Busbee, Virginia Brown, Virginia
Lynn,  UN children writer Jerry Piasecki. Among the Russian authors the company boasts the names of  Sergey
Dovlatov, Valery Popov, Daniil Granin, Gregory Oster, George Vainer, Vladimir Kunin, Eduard Limonov, president
Vladimir Putin, Vice-Speaker of the Russian Parliament Vladimir Zhirinoivsky, world traveler Ernest Muldashev,  
non-traditional doctor Norbekov. The company also promotes new promising authors, like Inna Bryusova, original
creator of the new generation of mystery novels. For the long time the company worked in partnership with our
beloved friend Byron Preiss, who tragically died in terrible car accident in 2005. The followed bankruptcy of Byron
Preiss Media put to the end many interesting joint projects, including books of Chapkis ("Russian Titanic"), Pas'ko
("Named a Spy"), Paperny ("Lost Moscow"), Resnik and Popovsky ("Feeding the World While Starving to Death.
Academician Vavilov and His Institute"), "Vodka Book", others.

The company buys and sells rights for illustrations made by the outstanding American and Russian artists like Pino
Daeni, J. Wanderstelt, Bohbot, Brom, Cris Cocozza, Jean-Pierre Tergete, Danilo Ducack, July York, David
Mattingly, Sergey Popov, Garif Basyrov, Mikhail Molochnikov and Marina Gertsovskaya.  The company bough and
sold thousands of covers and illustrations worldwide.

The company was created in 1992 and was initially located at 79 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10012, but later
moved to Yonkers, New York. The initial accent on publishing was also changed to foreign rights acquisition and
sale, though the publishing remains to be an important part of the company’s activity (See: “Publishing”).

The President and Executive Director of the company – Dr. Vladimir P. Kartsev, noted publisher, writer, scholar
and art collector. Dr. Kartsev, recipient of the “Golden Pen” Award for science journalism from Moscow Journalist
organization, authored more than thirty books, including biographies of Sir Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell,
Mikhail Kostenko and Gleb Krzhizhanovsky. His book “!Zhirinovsky!”, published by Columbia University Press in
1995 (French translation – 1997, Russian translation – 2005) was highly appraised by “The New York Times”, “Los
Angeles Times”, “San Francisco Chronicle”, National Public Radio, and other important media sources.

Dr. Kartsev wrote many research papers on  social psychology, history of science, publishing. He served as the
director of “MIR” publishing house in Moscow in 1982-1989, and as the Director of the United Nations Publishing
Division in New York in 1989-1993.

Fort Ross has office in Brooklyn, NY and representation in Moscow, Russia. Since 1982, Dr. Vladimir Kartsev
attends Frankfurt Book Fair. Fort Ross also participates in East European book fairs and BookExpo America. It
2007, BookExpo America will take place in New York City Javits Center. Fort Ross representatives will work there in
the International Rights Center (June 1-3, 2007).
Dr. Vladimir P. Kartsev

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Fort Ross booth at
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Prague, Czech Republic, 2002